I’m 41 years old with a pretty rich history of living to extremes.

I was brought to my knees by addiction at an early age and then catapulted into an ever-evolving adventure of self-discovery and determination to find purpose in my life.

Sharing my struggles and triumphs as a sober gay man and wellness-enthusiast navigating life in the big city is one of the main objectives in launching this new platform of my work.

I grew up in northwestern Ontario overweight, insecure and addicted to almost everything there is to be addicted to. At 20, I moved to Toronto in search of fame and acceptance in the nineties club scene. Overcome by my life of excess, I succumbed to my addictions by the time I was 26.

I was forced to re-evaluate and choose between a life of self-development or an almost certain grim fate at the hand of my addictions.

Passionate about everything I’ve ever done, I jumped into my new life—full-throttle—and based my entire livelihood on health, wellness and spiritual growth.

I ran marathons (qualified for Boston), became a bodybuilder and eventually fell in love with yoga.

A lot of you reading this will know that I became a yoga teacher and created Jock Yoga. I also became a media fitness and yoga expert locally and nationally.

You may not know, however, that I’ve always been a very passionate writer, and more recently I’ve realized a pretty serious interest in photography.

While I’m still passionate about my brand and teaching my classes, I’ve reached another pivotal point in my life where I want to share more effectively my experience through my creative side.

I’ve had some success in writing for several notable publications, and photographed and created content for a handful of campaigns and fitness celebrities.

I’ve also been blogging through my jockyoga.com site.

Some of the content I want to write about, and my lifestyle photography doesn’t translate as well through the vehicle of my yoga website.

So, this brings me to why I’m launching Michael off the Mat (michaeldecorte.com).

I’m going to continue to share my experience in self-development and personal growth, as well as offer fitness and yoga tips, product reviews and interviews with friends and inspirations in the wellness industry.

In my recovery life, some of us say we speak ‘the language of the heart’. I believe this means we speak our truths—honestly—to the best of our ability, in order to live an authentic life and have real relationships.

I’m a bit jaded from years of my own insecurity and frustration with what I’ve experienced as a lot of superficiality in the world at large and—more specifically—in the gay community.

So, in addition to promoting a healthy life of wellness and fitness, I’ve decided to take a chance and speak ‘the language of the heart’ and share—to the best of my ability—my own honest experience in living and exercising and dating.  My hope is that someone (you!) might identify with me and maybe find some inspiration and empowerment to be yourself and know we’re not alone.

*Side note* You can be sure that if you date me, you’re going to end up on this publication–under an alias of course 😉


Michael DeCorte

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Wow ! Michael, this is amazing.
I really look forward to what you have to write about and photograph. I am intrigued to discover your insights on the “language of the heart”. So many people are truly afraid to speak that language. Let’s hope that Micheal off the Matt, brings all of us to some inner reflection and honesty of our own. Bravo!



It has been inspirational to watch you from afar to see how successful you have become living your passion. I look forward to reading your blog and admiring your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your life and showing it is possible to overcome the things that life throws at you.



Haha!! End disclaimer a bit of a concern for would be prospects!! It they’ll just have to deal 😉


New prospects will just have to know- THEY’LL have to deal,…😉


I’m very proud of what u have done in your life and proud that I have known you. You look awesome. Keep it up. Good job.


Very proud of you my friend. Both posts are beautifully written, straight from the heart which is exactly as I would expect from you. Great job. Can’t wait to read the next!! Lots of love, holly #agequencher

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